KnightressM1, brainchild of violinist, vocalist and composer Emily Palen fuses raw power of heavy rock together with the grace of classical music and the reach of the ethereal. Backed by a lifetime of serious music study, Emily breaks the bonds of category with her hard-driving, authentic and emotionally revealing power trio. With a strong foothold in her classical training,   Drummer Rob Ahlers of 50 Foot Wave and bassist Bryan Dean, bassist for Angelo Moore/Dr. Madd Vibe, complete the line-up and anchor the band with their hard-driving, explosive synergy.  Combining a collective deep understanding of the fundamentals of music and a passion for the cutting edge, KnightressM1 has created an unforgettable sound.


KnightressM1 is based upon the fundamentals of a truly free society in which each being, each creative force is fully living their passion as they so choose.  Music possesses a power so deep it reaches all levels of consciousness inspiring change within the individual and the collective on a subatomic level.  Vibration, intention, consciousness infused words and harmonies which open up the heart all combine to create a field in which the being can touch the deepest parts of themself and live free.  KnightressM1 is founded in these principles as well as the principles of sovereign and integral business.  The time has long been for musicians and artists to forge their own path to thriving artistic sustainability.  When each decision is sourced from a place of full integrity and no sacrifice for success occurs, this path is created and strengthened.  There is no competition, there is only fullness. The fullness of a human living raw and vulnerable.  That is the birth of a true superhero, and we will serenade you all the way up to the sky, the sun, the top of the stars and back.  We salute you.





EMily paleN

Emily Palen, violinist, pianist, singer and composer, performs her tenaciously original style across the Bay Area and beyond, constantly chasing the edge of new creativity. With a strong foothold in her classical training, Emily ventures into new territory bringing her haunting melodies and sense of experimentation into the realms of rock, jazz and electronica. Combining her deep understanding of the fundamentals of music and a passion for the cutting edge, Emily has created an unforgettable sound. As a soloist, she performs in every arena from classical to avant-garde.  Using music as energetic architecture and blessing these songs infuse the sacred day with deep meaning and uplift the couple into a transcendent state.


Emily has performed with The Foo Fighters, has worked with John Paul Jones and has performed in many notable bands around the Bay Area including The Goldenhearts, Bonfire Madigan, Dolorata, Shelley Doty and the Xtet among others.  She has recorded on countless albums and has released two solo improvisation albums with Valence Records.  Glass, recorded live at Grace Cathedral and Creation, recorded live at OTR Studios in Belmont, CA are both produced by Gregory James and are available through Valence Records.


Emily began her classical violin studies under the instruction of her mother at the age of 4 and piano a year later.  She continued her serious pursuit of violin performance with Michael Avsharian and later Paul Kantor at the University of Michigan.  She found herself in San Francisco at the age of 19, unable to leave the ocean and began her exploration of both life and the broader worlds of music.  Grateful for the ability to heal, grow and change, Emily brings you an ever-inspired stream of current heartfelt expression.

rob ahlers

Rob Ahlers lives and breathes music. He mercilessly attacks the drums with undeniable vitality and plays like he’s in a sold-out stadium every time.  In the studio, he always chooses memorable, album-ready parts and melody lines to give a song or performance what it needs to shine.


Drumming is his first love, but Rob also plays all the ‘traditional’ rock instruments: guitar, bass, keys/piano and whatever else is lying around.  Rob is now also engineering and producing and you can find him at Studio Paradiso in downtown San Francisco.


Rob performs/records with 50 Foot Wave (featuring Kristin Hersh and Bernard Georges of Throwing Muses), Chalk FarM, Nick Hexum of 311, John Oszajca, Kate Gibson, Sharlotte Gibson (Whitney Houston), and Joshua Todd (singer of Buckcherry), Third Grade Teacher, The Reals, The Chance and multiple bands in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA.

Rob’s music has been on Scrubs, CougarTown, America’s Prom Queen and others.  He also has appeared in feature films such as Coyote Ugly and Strange Days and has performed on TV with Regis Philbin, William Shatner and Susan Dey.

dannY saNdo

Danny began playing bass at age 14. He quickly realized, with so many friends playing guitar, there was never a shortage of people to play with. During the first few years he was asked to run the low end for heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop, and jazz projects. He went on to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and briefly majored in Music, being the Principle Bass for the college's wind orchestra for 2 years. Continuing with the love of playing with the multitudes, Danny had one steady band with a couple side projects, always ready for spontaneous jams. He moved to San Francisco in 2004 to pursue this love, and found the City was just strange enough to embrace his style. Now a resident of 12+ years, Danny is energized more than ever, in tow with an unconfined sound.

guest artists Bryan dean

photo by Odell Hussey

Bryan Dean, also known as “Dark Kent” has made a name for himself in the San Francisco Bay Area, as a versatile, high-energy bassist. Dean finds himself at home in a variety of musical settings as he’s been involved with projects that run the gamut – from blues to bhangra, metal and more. Dean's bands have shared the stage with a diverse group of internationally known acts such as De La Soul, Patti LaBelle, Living Colour, Smashing Pumpkins, The Bravery, Zigaboo Modeliste and Buckethead. Of late Dean is holding down the low end for the Madd Vibe Orchestra, fronted by legendary Fishbone frontman Angelo Moore. Dean has also rocked the stage at such prestigious events as SXSW, the CMJ Music Marathon, Symbiosis Gathering and the High Sierra Music Festival.



B.Dean’s journey towards a career in music was a slightly roundabout one. Although he played piano and bass clarinet as a youth in Saint Louis, Missouri, his focus was on sports and other academic pursuits. He left music behind at age 16 to begin laying a foundation for what was to be a career in banking. After a few years however, the desire to play professionally consumed him. The crux of this transformation was a life changing summer spent in Washington, D.C. with a group of close friends. It was then that the true power of expression via music, specifically that embodied by the Black Rock Coalition bands fully captured his imagination and solidified his path as an artist. When summer concluded, Dean picked up a bass for the first time and it’s been by his side ever since.