KnightressM1's Debut Album set for release in the Summer of 2016. Recorded at Studio 606
Engineered by John Lousteau Violin, Vocals, Production and Composition by Emily Palen
Bass Uriah Duffy
Drums Rob Ahlers
Guitar Mick Murphy
Additional Keys Derek Silverman
Percussion John Lousteau

Check out the history behind Studio 606 and Dave Grohl's documentary "Sound City"
Emily is working with renowned Bay Area producer, DJ Pause on the single "Breathe" DJ Pause :
...local.alive.notorious "Breathe" is tuned entirely to 528 hz which is the frequency of love. There has been numerous studies and realizations within the conscious music community lately about the power of certain frequencies to either elevate or depress the human vibrancy rate. "the first time I heard a pure 528hz tone I was brought to tears immediately. I understood on a visceral and soul level why I was called to play music ever since I was a child. The power of music is real, and scientific" ~Emily ~Music for a Free World