As a producer, Emily dedicates herself to assist you to create your highest vision for your music.  Knowing that the best moments in music come from the space left in between what we plan for, she leads with an attitude of allowance and service.  Backed by years of classical training, music theory, a deep understanding of harmony, voicing, layering and a general love of musical intensity, she brings an acute ear to each detail in the music.  Over the course of her musical career she has worked in nearly every musical genre including rock, jazz, avant-garde, new age, blues, metal, hip-hop and electronica and respects the unique voice of each musician.  Most of all, her undying love of the creative process inspires each song and each project to their best.


When the music breathes, the world is a better place.


Pricing varies depending on project

Recording Session Work  +

Special Event Performance


As a recording artist, Emily has contributed to countless albums, lending her unmistakeable tone and professional standards to each song she works with. Whether the parts are already composed or original composition is called for, she creates not only what is called for but what is exceptional. Session work is billed on an hourly basis and can be negotiated as a package price depending on the project.

$200/hr 2 hr minimum


Emily is also available to perform for weddings, special events and sound healing ceremonies


Wedding ceremony flat rate minimum $500

Original composition/specialized song arrangement for Weddings $1000+

Special Events $400 minimum

Sound Healings: Inquire for current rate






Through the subtle vibration of sound and intuitive music, I access the current information needed for you to transform any blocks, trauma, unconscious patterns etc. into fuel for your next level of personal growth.  All sessions held in utmost confidence in support of your highest good.







Phoenix Sessions

Energy work and Sound Healing



Individual Sessions $150

5 Session Package  $625

10 Session Package $1000